Yuvclique: GCCBA’s annual Fest left Audience in Wow


The rain gods may have destined to delay the fest, but they couldn’t put a damper on it- GCCBA’sYuvclique returnedon 17thFebruary 2018, to clear, blue skies, and a warm welcome by the students after having been postponed from last week. The event was graced with the presence of Davesh Moudgil, Mayor of Chandigarh as Chief Guest, who was accorded a flower welcome by the Principal, and the Dean of the college.

“I’m thankful to the college for giving me the opportunity to be here. I congratulate you all, because activities like these infuse team spirit in you, and prepare you to face the ups and downs in life,” he said. He wrapped up his address, saying that ensuring the youth’s participation in decision making was his duty, as the mayor.

The lighting of the lamp followed, after which members of Gestione- the Management Club of the college who were responsible for organizing the fest- sung a self-composed song to mark the beginning of the fest. NavitHakhoo- a student of the college, on behalf of their faculty and students, welcomed everybody to the fest.

In silence and movement, you can show the reflection of people- the “Mime” was the first on-stage event of the day. The two teams performed on social issues like technology and its impact, and the plight of Punjab.

Next up was a scintillating Intercollege Business Quiz- with 20 teams participating in a round of cutthroat competition, where they wracked their brains to face the challenges ahead. A preliminary round screened and let through 6 teams, after which a final round was held. The session was livened up with participation from the audience, who shouted out answers enthusiastically.

One of the most fun competitionsthen followed- “Ad Mad” designed to bring out the creative zing in us. Products as innocuous as combs, shampoos, and educational courses were “sold” with ludicrous pitches andover-the-top taglines- and was clearly loved by the crowd.

The most awaited event of the day didn’t keep the audience waiting- the ramp walk commenced shortly. Women adorned in their best, and oozing elegance, with costumes designed to take your breath away, and men looking sharp and dapper,walked the stage to the backdrop of the speakers blasting off the latest beats, and the crowd hooting their hearts out. The energetic vibes carried through to the dance performances which were up next. There were cultural dances, like the “Gidda” of Punjab and the “Nati” of Himachal, and a touch of international flavor with hip-hop, and fusion dances.

The eventswere interspersed with the anchors keeping the audience engaged withsnippets of poetry, and filler acts like beat boxing. A lucky draw was in placefor anybody willing to test their stars.A photo booth titled, “Swag Se Swagat”was also set up near the stage, to let people click their fair share of selfies.

Off-stage events continued throughout the during of the fest. A debate on the topic “Management Education is the Foundation of All Types of Education”attracted a lot of varying view points, while the geeks tested their knowledge of code at the “Coding and Debugging” competition- which required them to solve an hour-long MCQ test and then move on to actual coding. Rangoli Making- themed “Unity in Diversity”- and Face Painting- with students painstakinglycreating art on people’s faces- added a splash of color to the fest, with the entire first floor common area buzzing with activity.

The stage was open for actors which were captured by Nukkad natak, where women empowerment being the main theme, their acting skills was tested. There were in total 5 teams, which participated with great vigor. The final round of the ramp walk tested the knowledge of the candidates where some witty answers were given and there also a bhangra performance by a candidate on a sad song, which texted their flexibility.

The prizes for an online Instagram quiz on R.M.S school were given in which the first prize was backed by Kulbir Singh, the first runner up being Sukrat Singh and the second runner up being Garima Bhakshi. The winner of the luck draw “ Kanupreet Sachdeva” was also announced.The stage was now open for the movie making competition where the teams had to make short movies on the event, which was a challenging yet a creative task. There were 3 entries. Musicmash also based on a similar concept covered the campus with short music videos in which there were 6 teams who participated. There was also a photography competition on the same concept.

ROMEO’S amazing voice took the stage up next and the crowd danced to the beats. The principal greeted the chief guest for the event “Mr Abhay Sood” and the event was concluded with a prize distribution ceremony.    

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