You’ve Started To Sound Alien To Me- By A Soldier’s Sister


Spent a childhood fighting with you
Irking you, annoying you
In your unrest lay my peace
All your reprimands all on me
It seems that the times we spent have started to sound alien to me,

The prince of the family
Loved by all and hated by me
Then why do I miss your banter that always embarrassed me?
Why do I long for a day that entails ‘we’?
It seems that the times we spent have started to sound alien to me,

You grew up to be like your dad,
Carrying on a legacy envisaged forever in your dreams
When did you realize you were this big a man?
You were never this person or were you always like this
I have started to think that you’re becoming alien to me,

Why aren’t you still a kid in your mother’s lap?
You were supposed to be here
But her arms are bare
She is tormented by your pain,
You didn’t even consider our gain,

So tell me if you think your passion is worth these shackled aches?
Still I promise you, I will gladly accept all your lies,

I’ve wanted to ask you this
Why, why don’t you care to call?
Oh wait! I forgot you don’t get to talk
I haven’t heard from you in weeks
So tell me, my friend
Why shouldn’t I feel that you have become alien to me?

I ask why you did this,
To prove your might or this country’s?
Don’t you know that this sacrifice will never be reckoned?
With how much ever anguish you beckon,

Cause the others are yet to know about your misery
They’re in oblivion to your stories so brave
And to your conviction so firm
They are in oblivion and might always be
Please don’t ever question about this estrangement
As we are now estranged, my brother, no lesser than aliens.

About the Poet:


Nimrat (Dept. of English, PU Campus)

Honest, lighthearted and compassionate. All about happiness and positivity. Overtly enthusiastic about Bullets, badminton and soulful conversations. Prefers humor over boring.



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