Your Life, You change its gear!


“So you want to be a photographer?”

“Yes, that is exactly what’s on my mind.”

“Have you lost your mind?”

“Not at all.”

Beta zara socho, you can’t leave this job! They’re paying you truckloads”

“But dad I have no time left to do what I want to do!”
“So what? What do you want to do? Travel the world on a rickshaw with a camera in your hand and an empty purse in your pocket?”

“Yes dad, that’s what I want and this argument finishes here.”

And he left his job at a plush corporate firm and took out his camera. He went to places where no one could find him, but where he found happiness!

That precisely should be all of us.

But heck no! Rather than crossing out things done on our bucket list, here we are, crossing out tasks from our parent’s, society’s, family’s bucket lists.

Here’s a reminder guys! Do what you want, not what others want! This life is your own and not your mother’s or father’s. You my friend, are not any Sharma ji’s son and you have the sole right to decide where does your ship set sail.

Life is a one way ticket. You take the wrong train and you’re stuck there FOREVER. Beyond rescue, beyond any saving! You’ll be old and sick lying in your bed regretting why did you not become a climber, a photographer, a singer and all the things that you wanted to be!

When you sleep, the mountains that you did not climb, the photographs you did not take and all the songs you did not sing will come back to haunt you. Decide for yourself, you got the reigns mate!

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Pavni Gaurangi

Pavni Gaurangi (MCM College 36)

Earthly and Altruistic , sprinkled with tiny hints of never ending enthusiasm. This author is prone to being gibberish at times yet forces the world to absorb her never ending sagas.


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