You Within Me, Me Within You

Hello, my dearest unrevealed nemesis
I wish we’d talk more often,
I wish we could be on the same side some day
I wish we’d revisit the ill-lit alleyway together,
Fix the ceiling, de-rust the light holders, clear the dust off the sculptures we once carved together,
And place glowsticks in all the corners.
I wish we didn’t have to share the same empty gravitino heart,
To trade our pseudo ghosts for a fleeting glance at the colour white,
Or have our attempts go in vain to build a house by the woods.
I wish you would listen,
For I’ve been pleading in front of a mirror for far too long now.
I wish you had an answer,
For setting my fragile larynx on fire and leaving me outside, cold and naked,
For choking me on the smoke I happily filled my lungs with, all these years,
For keeping me hidden inside your decorated unkind shell
For the haywire patterns on my arms
For my weakening anatomy
For jumping the gun and sending in the demons
For the loud voiceless end to my love
For reminding me that I’m just a sapling in the world of trees
I wish you’d wish the same for me to wish
I wish I didn’t have to create you
I wish I didn’t have to unfold my love for you
I wish it didn’t have to go on this way
You within me, me within you.

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About the Author:

Manhar Manchanda (Dept. of Economics, PU Campus)

Manhar Manchanda
(Dept. of Economics, PU Campus)

17 Years Old. Currently pursuing BA Honours in the Economics Department, PU. A Movie buff, a Beatles/Nirvana fan, love to play the guitar and write songs.


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