You know what’s sexy? A real conversation


Sending messages tied to a pigeon, paigams on horsemen, letters through the post, telegrams, emails, text messages, WhatsApp, Facebook, Face time, Skype, Viber…Phew!!

The evolution of the humble means of communication finally gave way to instant conversations but strained relations; sending emojis to show your feelings rather than confessing it to the person, a boost to the so called “girlfriend-boyfriend” relations, but a severe blow to the relations of actual meaningful love.

The son updated his status to “eating dinner with family”, the daughter snapchatted a groupfie, the father checked in at the place where they were eating dinner on Facebook and the mother was busy flaunting her 7 course 5-star dinner experience to her “Kitty Ladies WhatsApp group!” Surely not something to which we can’t relate, for this is the widespread practice everywhere and each time.

Gone are the days when people met each other on occasions and festivals and chatted for hours together, trying to garner the most out of each other lives and reliving moments of the past. Now an Instagram picture with the caption “#funwithfamily” says it all.

Hang on people! Where did the essence of relations go, where did the feel of a real conversation fade away, and why did it?

People used to eagerly wait for those greeting cards and messages from their loved ones, eagerly looking forward to that khaki clad postman, and now when apparently everything is at the touch of the screen, the threads of kinship have eventually worn out.

I ask you, when did you last have a heart to heart talk with the one you love? When did you last tell them how much they mean to you? When did you look in their eyes, blew a kiss in the air or gave a peck on their lips saying “I love you”, in real?

Get up, go to the people you love and have a real tete-a-tete with the ones who mean. Tell them that you are for them in actual, rather than consoling them on WhatsApp.

These chat groups are way too trivial over a real conversation. Talk to your parents! Your friends! Your sweetheart! For one day you will wake up and there won’t be anymore time to do the things you’ve always wanted to, things that matter, to the people who mean.

So do it now and for thy sake;


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