Yaar Jigree Kasooti Degree- The Curious Ending!


With the end of the year 2018 season 1 of yaar jigree kasooti degree came to an end with many doubts in mind like if season 2 will come shortly and some possible story plots which are discussed towards the end of the article. So it was the first Punjabi web series which had 13 episodes directed by Rabby Tiwana.

The story revolved around college life with realities like, exam stress, college love, bad influence of drugs and friendship bonds of college life. The series got popular among youth really fast and got 2.7 M subscribers. Sharry Maan famous Punjabi singer was also seen in one of the episodes. The series showed how some hardcore realities also, like how lack of attention by the parents can drag a young life into bad company and influence to have drugs. This role of drug addict was played by Amrit Amby as Lalli. Who had a kind heart and super intelligent brain but was trapped into bad company.

It also showed how some average scoring students get pressurised by parents to maintain the high status of family and score good which can eventually push them into depression. The role was played by Jasmin Bajwa as Daizy. She could not even show her talents like her dancing skills only because she had to focus on scoring high due to the family pressure. Sukhdeep Sarpa who played role of Anmol was a topper who had fallen in love with Daizy and was tricked by her by her brother in a false cheating case.

Pukhraj Bhalla who played the role of Jas was passionate about his career in singing with whim Ekam, real life name- Parteek Singh Rai was having competitive cold war. But towards the end they were the only two left together. Lucky whose real life name is Karan Sandhawalia realised his mistake of wasting his father’s money and fooling everyone by faking to be an army officer got his karma back and was arrested in the last episode. It leaves viewers with tears rolling on their cheeks because he was a jolly character and had realised his miskate towards the end. But he had to reap what he had sown.

Roop played by Karamvir Deol was dating a girl named Kirat, real life name Pawan Johal was actually cheating on her and had to pay for his bad deeds. He eventually realised her value but till the time he realised it was too late. Just like usual college friends all of them got separated towards the end. Lucky got imprisoned, Anmol got caught in a false cheating case, Lali was going to Australia to start a fresh but got kidnapped. Roop was asked to leave the flay for publically beating Lucky. Jas is left with Ekam who secretly hated him always. Keerat finally moved on and Daizy believed that it was right at her part to not date Anmol.

After this the ironic part is that it mentioned “To be continued” which makes the viewers curious about certain questions like  Will Anmol give a chance to Daizy or will even Daizy clarify to him? Is Lali safe? Who was the person who gave the pictures to Keerat? Who will come for Lucky’s rescue? Who was that guy Guri who along with Daizy’s brother got Anmol into trouble? What was his exact motive? Was it to take revenge for leaving the PG initially or his only motive was to take admission again by providing these favors.

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