Women Empowerment or Commercialism?


“Marriage is a workshop where husband works and wife shops.” This was the welcoming picture of the female washroom in Elante mall. I wish I could take off all the three frames which were stereotyping women under the name of commercialism. On one side women are taking stand for their own selves and striving hard to break the patriarchal norms of the society and on the other hand they had power to bear such a portrayal on their face! The role of women is fixed to a mere being that cannot earn and spends her husband’s income on shopping. The picture shows the husband holding all the carry bags and the wife enjoying carrying only one bag and walking in front of him. Don’t you think that the scenario has changed? I found many women in the mall, who were not married and some came without their husbands, they could carry their bags well. We sometimes foolishly laugh at such jokes and become a part of mocking the women in our society.

The other frame says- “When a women says “What?” it’s not because she didn’t hear you. She’s giving you a chance to change what you said.”  Is this really the scene? Equality of women does not lie in empowering the woman by placing her above man, as it is shown by the above quote. Woman is shown as dominating and the husband meek, this is not what was meant by feminism. The difference between the genders is getting vast day by day because of the misinterpretation of feminism. This stereotyping of women must be helping them to attract more customers but this is causing a hindrance in the development of a healthy environment.

The next, and the last frame, comes again as a slap on the gender equality. It says: “A good wife always forgives her husband when she’s wrong”- Milton Berie. It again leaves us with the same question. Is this the only way left to commercialise the products? Before putting a ban on senseless things, we need to focus on a more important issue.

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