When the first ray of dawn hit her bed,

She tried to get up; felt almost fragile and dead.

She pushed herself up and observed that her body is wholly covered with wounds & scar,

Oh, how she must have felt listening to people talking about her in the bazaar.

Wiped her tears and tried to recollect what all happened the previous night,

But all she could accumulate was fright.

Each scar reminded her of different stories,

Couldn’t decide which one to recite first with all what she caries.

The scar on right side of her forehead,

Reminded her of the push by the bed.

The one on the wrist,

Gave her an insight of what happened when his orders were dismissed.

The instances of her scars might take a day or so if she recites,

But the lesson she wish to give you is to be on your side even if it leads to fights.

Aspire to become the lady of your dreams and not the one he dreamt of.


Bhavika Verma – Gargi College,DU


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