Wish to see ghosts?


This is how you can see a ghost.

Many people are afraid of the prospect of seeing a ghost, but there are others who wish they could.

Don’t be afraid!

Its the only entity from another place of existence!

Have you ever thought about what you would do if you ever really came face-to-face with a ghost?

So, if you really want to see a ghost, keep reading.


1) Peel an apple 


Start peeling an apple’s skin with a knife in front of a mirror at midnight. keep peeling the skin in a continuous motion without severing the skin. after completing the task, look into the mirror. you will see someone standing behind you. don’t dare to look back or you’ll land in trouble.


2) Cry dog tears 


It is said that dog tears have special powers to see the ghosts. you too can get some dog tears. don’t believe? then google it! for dog tears, you need to rub your lower eyelids as if you’re applying an eye liner. you have to keep blinking simultaneously for your eyes to water. soon, you will be able to see unnatural changes in your surroundings.


3) Sell salt


Carry some salt to a cemetery before midnight. spread a cloth on the ground and place salt on it. when the clock strikes12AM, ghosts will come to buy salt from you. you may also witness stretched arms reaching you. just calmly put some salt into their palms and never look up otherwise things can get worse for you. it is said that ghosts give some random stuff in return that turns into real money after sunrise.


4) Meditate


Meditation relaxes body and clears mind. if you know the art of meditating, you will easily pick the noises and movements of evil spirits around you which you can’t do in your distracted state of mind. the meditation has to be done at night in a quiet place though.


5) Open an umbrella 


All you have to do is open an umbrella in a closed room while you’re alone. now look at your shadow. you will see a movement in your shadow even when you are still.


All the best, midnight marauders!

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Anshika Sharma (PGGC 11)

Anshika Sharma (PGGC 11)



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