Why the term “Feminazi” is Offensive?


While passing time with my favorite activity of stalking random celebrities on Instagram, I came across comedian and AIB co-founder Tanmay Bhat’s three part video rant on how feminazi is such an offensive and frankly, stupid term. And I couldn’t agree more.

Nazis killed people.

Feminists fight for gender equality.

Can you see any relation between the two terms and their agendas? I don’t.

And guess what? THERE IS NO RELATION. Not even the slightest bit.

A Twitter thread by a friend inspired Bhat to make these videos. In the thread, she writes about the ten reasons why she was called a feminazi, and reading it makes you realize that the users of this term are not quite aware of what it means, they just use it when they have nothing substantial left to say, and in the end, they end up making a fool of themselves. Here is a look at the thread:




We often hear this word, feminazi, being thrown around when feminists get too aggressive or radical. Which basically means, feminism is okay, till women remain in their limits, till they behave in a certain way and if not, then let’s call them mass murderers. Because women fighting for equality are just as bad, right?

It is possible that you may not agree with a feminist (or anyone) on some issue or specific point, the adult way is to talk it out. Put your argument forward in a civilized way and explain why you think their perspective is flawed. But comparing someone to monsters, who killed over 11 million people, just because you disagree with them, is not okay and will never be. By using this derogatory term, we are not only trivializing Nazism, but also diverting the conversation away from the actual goal of feminism, that is, gender equality.

img-20170802-wa0006Feminazi’ was made popular by the radio talk-show host Rush Limbaugh in the 1990s, who used it to describe feminists whose goal is to allow “as many abortions as possible”. But essentially, it was used for those who had the audacity to question the structural misogyny that existed then and sadly, still does. Now, the word has become even more illogical and is used as a tool to shut people (mostly women) up when they call out sexism. But just because something or someone makes you uncomfortable in your privileged bubble, you have no right to call them murderers. If you have a rational basis for your beliefs, express it. Don’t hide behind a big word whose meaning and implication you can’t fully comprehend.

Feminists are activists of equality; anyone promoting anything else is not a feminist. But nothing, I repeat, NOTHING, short of genocide, warrants calling someone a Nazi. So instead of going with the flow (read: everyone else on the internet), we should try to teach ourselves on the things we speak about.

Let’s educate, not hate!

And if you are thinking “oh see another feminazi types”, here are the links to Tanmay Bhat’s (A MAN OMG) tripartite rant on the absurdity of this overused term:




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