Why talk of pleasure when you can talk of danger!

Whilst looking at the storm of feminists emerging in the present times, it has been nothing short of a blow in the face to come upon the sudden realization of the important origin the debate is surrounded around and how it has been nothing but a disappointment to realize that even the discussion is threaded by patriarchal boundaries.
When talking about feminism, one expects to have a conversation regarding the equal status of men and women, and it bothered me that for every argument we give for the same, there has to be some justification provided. Let us take for example, alcohol consumption, a man being drunk and misbehaving is excused on the grounds of him not being in the correct senses, whereas for a female, the same becomes an excuse to blame her for whatever happens. Hell is even the world in their correct senses, and well, we’re not excusing you!
There have been so many flaws in the debacle around what women should and shouldn’t be doing, and there has been one thing I have recently discovered and it has been the last piece of a nut stuck in my tooth, left behind from the grind of feminists!
Yesterday, in an extremely heated conversation with one of my fellows, it dawned on me, how in all of women centric debates the central issue we talk about is the danger posed to them in the society, and never about the simple pleasures of life they would want and surely, rightfully deserve. This apparently intellectual discourse around the topic discourages women to pursue their innate skills and orientation towards a particular area, field of interest or simply the escape or passion they long for. It is extremely important to address the right and freedom of women to unrestricted fun (in the simplest of words). Every debate in the public space has been unable to make this point, trying to justify this harsh stance on women rights on the grounds of morals and values but then again, the question of the vulnerability of only one gender towards these kinds of “morals” arises. I’m afraid that with women, any sort of wish to pursue fun, passions or even absolute wilderness (whatever that might mean to you) is considered wrong, stupid, selfish or at worst, morally reprehensible. Anything and everything that is asked for women demands a purpose; purposeless wants are deemed as quite unimportant in the debate for equality. Is it okay to ignore it? How long can we go on without addressing the fact that of what privileges one gender (exceptions aside) are freely granted with barely any second thoughts, the other half is afraid to even talk about it in public space in fear of tarnishing the sanctity of the movement feminism has come to be? A movement challenging everything but still deeply fearing to damage the image of women created across different spaces.
Leaving rest up to everyone’s own fancies, I’d just like to stress on the importance of realizing the roots this discussion is based on and how without strengthening the foundation, what good could we make of the building?

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Pragya Pasricha (Dept. of Economics, PU Campus)

Pragya Pasricha
(Dept. of Economics, PU Campus)

Constantly shifting from super energetic to unimaginably lazy while watching Sherlock episodes all day. I’m an enthusiast for good food, great music, enthralling conversations and of course, beautiful literature. Trying to make a difference, one word and one place at a time.


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