Why so blundered with these trends, Chandigarh?


Chandigarh has a long way to go before it becomes a proper cosmopolitan city, but we are not complaining. Fewer the people, merrier our roads; less pollution, better the skin! It’s a win-win situation, where we have nothing to lose. This also establishes that not multiple types of fashionistas or people with their own vibe exist here. They are few in number with more people similar to them, co-existing, or they are simply rare and no one knows about their whereabouts. (No, I am not talking about Pokemon Go.)


Chandigarh’s fashion sense is always on point and very chic, but it lacks freshness and classiness. The herd mentality prevails and people copy each other blindly. Styles and trends are fickle, but people here take prettiest of the trend to heart and then over do it. They render the look, style and design boring and useless. Our inner fashion police needs to wake up and do away with the mentioned below crimes. Well, if not do away then at least minimize wearing them or applying them or just stop! Force yourself you’ll not indulge in them more than once a week.


1) Extra small clothes!

small cloths

No, I am not pin pointing your crop tops, they are fine, cute and also in fashion *wink*. By ‘small’, I don’t mean the length; I said fashion police, not ‘shiv sena‘. I am simply pointing out the size. Don’t buy or waste money on clothes that are tight and cling to you. You don’t look skinny, instead you seem as if you are stuck in them and desperately desire release and freedom. I want to save you and not compliment. Don’t buy clothes from kids section, get over Lilliput. This behaviour is disturbing. Wearing tight clothes can cause physical deformities and change the positioning of various organs. It’s dangerous and not at all advisable. Tight undergarments are the most harmful, especially underwear, as it can lead to multiple diseases. Wear breathable clothes, that are of your size.


2) Faux bags!


Again, I don’t refer to the faux minx fur but the fake designer bag. No, please! You don’t have to satisfy anyone at all. Some people consider buying expensive bags as an investment, whilst others consider it as wastage of money. And both sections of the society make absolute sense.

Owning a Chanel or Coach won’t make you goals or BAE material. You don’t have to buy a fake version of something you can’t afford. Wasting 70 grand on a stitched cloth to hold things can be stupid and a luxury at the same time. It’s subjective and one should stick to their side. Every time you buy a product which is a copy or an imitation, you don’t fool anyone. It’s easy to distinguish between the two. By buying a fake bag you aid to child labour-trafficking and the vicious crime circle that revolve around this industry. Beautiful and stylish bags exist in all prices under the tags of various impressive fashion houses. Buy what makes you happy and suits your pocket. No rat race whatsoever.


3) Black leggings! 


Yes, yes! Everyone wears them all over the globe and that is why, STOP. Blair Waldorf would have never approved. I hardly see people in jeans anymore. I fear a day will come when people will wear leggings to the beach too. They are everywhere and the sultry humid weather makes it very hard to tolerate someone else wearing them. We get it that they are comfortable and we also get that black makes you look skinnier, but that camel toe is ‘oh-so-unwanted’. Don’t wear it on a regular basis. It makes your wardrobe dull and your options limited. Also everyone looks the same, mundane and sad. 


4) Crocs


Seriously? You need to be reminded and told. Why on earth do these hideous shoes still exist? It is 2016, stop with this atrocity. Don’t team them up with socks and shorts especially. They must be comfortable, but their existence and craze makes no sense. What are they, mankind. What are they! 


The list can be long, but we shall fight only four crimes at a time. No one has the authority to tell you what to wear or not; but as a fellow human being, it’s my duty to occasionally shake your surroundings, so that you don’t do the illegal. Let your fashion sense be yours completely. Have your own perception and follow it. Don’t over-do something, it takes away the charm. Well, wishing ‘world peace’ is also futile, but then again not like Trump cares. Have a smashing week ahead.

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