Why PU Admissions Sucks


The glorification of the ancient history of india in terms of education was done recently by the revival of Nalanda University which was once considered a remarkable centre of learning. In modern times where on one hand we are reminiscing our rich cultural and educational heritage, on the other hand we are neglecting the core mismanagement and faulty working and of such epitomes of education that are being ranked in top ten universities of Asia..and i recently enrolled myself into one

My bitter experience of panjab university has made me skeptical about decision to enroll myself once again..the most hardest of all the procedures I’ve faced was to get my DMC..besides the failure of administrative staff there are a number of weaknesses in the course material and quality as well. In a competitive era we are still asked to rely on 10 years old  papers and MBD guides( I AM NOT AN AGENT)It’s like following some tradition or rituals of panjab university and not to forget the cliché question of first year “nature and scope of…”

Citing these examples does not make me anti PU but i am trying to bring forward the endless and commonly faced problems of students who seek admission to a famous university which has produced eminent personalities in various fields. However, there is always scope for improvement and upgradation. Digitalising core procedures to admissions etc has definitely increased the level of pu manifolds yet there are many areas that are holding it back to be considered as the most appreciated and most often opted university without apprehensions.so the motto of PU “tamso ma jyotirgamaya”

which means from darkness lead me to light

from death lead me to immortality

is required


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