Why not #LGBTForEducation?


Is it so hard to be humane?


Since ages homosexuals have been quiet. They have suffered all by themselves. They’ve had to face the wrath of the society, without being at fault.


Well no, actually it is their fault! They could choose their gender and they made an unacceptable choice. They could in fact end their lives, and free the world of their burden. But alas, curse that human who valued a life more than the society! Curse those parents, who accepted their homosexual child, for they couldn’t kill the life they themselves have brought into this world!
It’s so shocking to realize that your son, daughter, friend or relative could be an LGBT. In fact, such humiliation that almost 10% of the world’s population belongs to that ‘category’. Don’t we think too highly of ourselves? Don’t you think, that it has become a human nature to make others feel lonely, because of your own lonely self?


All religions say, that a child is a gift of God! What wrong was done by that innocent child, who was born a homosexual? Homosexuals have all the right to be present during family ceremonies, to give their blessings. But even in a diversified country like India, the government is supposedly left with no choice, than to make being a homosexual a criminal offense.
Under Article-377, whosoever voluntarily has carnal intercourse against the order of nature with any man, woman or animal, shall be punished with imprisonment for life, or with imprisonment of either description for term which may extend to ten years, and shall also be liable to fine. Firstly, what does the term ‘order of nature’ defines? The fact here is that, we are considering being human (a homosexual, as society differentiates) a crime.

It has been so hard for the homosexuals to openly come up and get admissions to study. No matter how good universities they go to, the mind-set remains the same. They have to forcefully hide the fact, of what they truly are. Each one of us would have heard or seen people being afraid of them, or disgusting them. They fail to be educated, well all thanks to us. Congratulations to the society, we have finally stooped low enough to not consider a human, not only as one but also as someone whose life has a value.

We have the category of ‘other gender’ in the admission form of few of our colleges, but how many of LGBT have we seen studying with us? The reason why we rarely see one in classes is that homosexuals don’t usually disclose their identity, and when they do, we don’t truly respect a person being one. There has to be a change. Well, let’s be the change then! Next time you find a homosexual (a human) standing in the admission queue, take a step forward and talk to them. Help them out, not because they need your help, but because humanity says so. There has to be equality, at least in educational field. #LGBTForEducation

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