Why I stopped reading The Local Newspaper?


I am a reader by nature so I read anywhere and everywhere. I used to read the newspaper almost daily but soon I realized I was coming across the same headlines again and again and that was when I decided to quit reading the local newspaper. The reading became more of a depressing experience than a knowledgeable one. You won’t be surprised to know the reasons as they may sound familiar to your ears as well:

1: Degrading female status

Foeticide, infanticide, harrassment, domestic violence, acid attacks, trafficking and what not, seems like the female brigade has to fight for herself even before she is born. It has become more of a routine to read about instances where girls are literally being punished just ‘For Being a Girl’. Ironically, people in India on one hand worship the girl child as ‘kanjak’ and on the other hand, abort the baby girl in her mother’s womb. Isn’t it the height of hypocrisy? I would like to say that people who don’t welcome girl child as a part of their family have no right to welcome a ‘bride’ into their families. We know that a woman still isn’t safe in her own household. I feel sad to acknowledge that there are husbands who feel it’s embarrassing to express love for their wives but they don’t hesitate to illustrate their animal instinct by mentally and physically torturing their better-halves, even in front of their own families. What a shame!

2: Honour-less Killing

When did Honour started lying in slaughtering people for the sake of maintaining the So called ‘Pride’ in the society? It is appalling that there are demons residing in this society who possess such audacity to destroy the future of our nation- The Youth. Doesn’t law grant the right to a person (who’s above 18 yrs. of age) to marry any other major of their own wish? After all, even the rules have been laid down by the same people of the society only. Then, why do ‘the ones in love’ are tagged as ‘culprits’ or ‘disgrace to society and family’? They have the right to practice the Freedom of choice, don’t they? Shouldn’t their decisions be respected? After all, people (be of any caste) are all children of one creater ie. God.

3: Dirty games of politics

Indian politics is the favorite laughing stock of people in Indian society. We, the people of this nation may not be well acquainted with the fundamentals of the Constitutional Framework of the country. But we do know the difference between ‘what’s being said’ and ‘what’s being done’. We cast our vote in the hope of a better future for us, but what we get in return is the ever increasing rates of crimes, rising inflation, instances of national disgrace, defective administrative system, corruption, sedition charges on account of anti nationalism, futile protests destroying life and property, etc. As for the politicians, it’s just a game of winning or losing votes/seats. Well no doubt, they love their position more than their position makers.

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