Why I postponed watching the last episode of F.R.I.E.N.D.S for seven months?


Yes, it sounds a little crazy, but I did not watch, “the last one” for seven months. It’s not because I did not have the access to it, but because I did not want to and partially because I was a little afraid. Keeping myself from not watching the last episode of my favourite sitcom was not at all an easy task. It became harder after the passage of time. But the question is why did I do that? Why I kept myself from watching the last episode?

The answer is as simple as it looks. I was afraid. (Yes, I literally was). I was afraid that I will have to give up on something which had become a major part of my life. Around 10 seasons, 235 (236-1) episodes, took me around 4 months to complete and I did not want to break up with it. I wanted to live in the past; I wanted to live with it, for my entire life. I had grown fond of depending upon the sitcom during my free time and the time I wanted some boost. It had become my escape from reality.

I was not only afraid that I will lose a part of my heart, but also afraid that I would not be able to handle the rush of emotions in the last 40-45 minutes of the beautiful journey. I did not know how I would have handled, Rachel taking the plane to Paris and Ross rushing to the airport to confess his feelings. I did not know how I would have handled, Monica and Chandler having two children instead of one. The immeasurable happiness that would have rushed during the screening of that scene made me afraid of witnessing it. I did not know how I would have handled, Monica and Chandler leaving the apartment, which I had got quite fond of. I did know how I would have handled, watching the apartment empty and Monica not complaining about how un-clean it was. I did not know how I would have handled, not seeing Phoebe almost every day and laughing my soul out on her cute weirdness. I did not know how I would have handled not seeing Ross and Rachel’s journey of becoming a couple all over again.

But most importantly, I did not want to see Joey full of misery after his best friend left the apartment next door. We all could tell that Joey would be left alone in the end, Rachel would be moving in with Ross again, taking Ema with her, Phoebe had got married lately and she was now going to be busy in her life with Mike, and the only hope left for Joey’s happiness, Ross, would now be busy in his life with Rachel with Dinosaurs all around, as a result leaving Joey alone on his own. Why do purest of hearts suffer the most?

After spending seven months, I could not resist the urge of watching the last episode. The last scene when they keep their keys on the desk had me heartbroken. It felt like it was the end of something constant in my life. All I could do was sit and cherish the fact that the six, most amazing people were a part of my life.

So, How you doin’?

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Dipesh Jindal (DAV College 10)

Dipesh Jindal
(DAV College 10)

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