Why I Must Learn to Swim


I’m constantly torn apart between feeling too much and feeling nothing at all.
All the voices in my head, they tell me to stop feeling.
It will only hurt you, wouldn’t it?
You’ll feel, you’ll be happy, you’ll be sad, you’ll get bothered. God, stop the mess and stand back and relax.
Let us see the good old you without a care in the world, smiling and laughing.
C’mon, fill your mouth with loud gestures but oh, let your heart be a hollow tube.
Don’t you dare put emotions in it. Don’t be happy, Don’t be sad, don’t get bothered.
Let your love be a smile on the face of a child, gone away in a blink.
Let your wishes be a writing on the beach sand, gone away in a wave.
Let your tragedies be a red light on a busy signal, constantly turning green and making you move along.
Take all your fears, and put them on the palms of your hands hanging them with fragile threads, but don’t you break those threads.
Don’t let those threads get together and weave stories of war on your hand, I repeat, do not let the world know you’re in repair and you need healing.
Don’t be happy, Don’t be sad, don’t get bothered.

Some days I’ll tell myself to listen to Beatles’ all day and cry to sleep, but some days my insides will be breaking down and my heart would be ripped apart from my chest but I’ll smile, I’ll talk and I’ll go outside and socialise.
Some days, I’ll feel too much, but some days I’ll feel nothing at all.

I have put all my feelings together now, in a closet.
Three locks, two passcodes, one key.
And my recent heartbreak, it has thrown it into the water.
And that is why, I must learn to swim.

About the Poet:

Pragya Pasricha (Dept. of Economics, PU Campus)

Pragya Pasricha
(Dept. of Economics, PU Campus)

Constantly shifting from super energetic to unimaginably lazy while watching Sherlock episodes all day. I’m an enthusiast for good food, great music, enthralling conversations and of course, beautiful literature. Trying to make a difference, one word and one place at a time.



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