Why do they have to judge?


Judgement. One of the best and worst things that can happen to anyone. People have been judging each other ever since the beginning of time. Whether it is on the basis of their looks, their personality, their family, their status or their gender, the parameters are never-ending.

As one goes through college life, they find that the place has its own sets of judging scales. And no, I do not refer to the cars, makeup, money; the everlasting clichéd parameters. I refer to behavior, studies, relationships, preferences and choices.

Many students find themselves at the bottom of the so-called social ladder because they do not fit the bill. And the unfortunate part is that many let it affect them. They choose to let go of the two or three or even one genuine friend that they have, in return for meaningless others.

In the future many of us would be working or doing our own thing. However, wherever we go the criteria for judgement WILL follow along. It ultimately depends on a person’s ability to juggle and manage them to suit their needs.

In the fear of letting others view us negatively, we tend to submit to the ways that are set. However, the consequences of that are harsh. One ends up losing a part of themselves, that makes them unique. Our individualistic qualities are what define us. They take us places where we never even thought we might reach.

And while judgement is important, letting it get in the way of what makes you- YOU, is regretful. Remember,

YOU are THE original piece

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Tanya Bhatia (MCM College 36)

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