Why BATMAN can’t fly?


Our beloved Batman has been so handsome all these years. It sometimes would make one wonder as in why Superman can fly, Thor can fly, even Iron Man can, but our hot and sexy Batman can’t.

If batman took his inspiration from the bats, then he should be able to fly, right? But maybe the script writer didn’t want that for him, else he’d leave behind all the other super heroes with his hotness surpassing that any other super-human. Even thinking about this can make one’s heart flutter.


  • Batman has Aerophobia!


We all have some fears. Perhaps, our superhero has two fears for sure. First, his girl being in danger and second, fear of flying.


  • Gravity pulls him DOWN


Iron Man’s suit saves him from gravity. It’s not that Batman can’t fall down. We all have seen him jumping from a height, trying to make his way to the bottom safely. How about gifting Batman a suit this Valentine’s? Iron Man, are you listening?


  • No wings


Our super-hero has no wings. That’s why, can someone please give him a machine to fly high.


  • GLIDE is the word


Our Batman likes to glide the most. He is best when he glides, and even sexier when he takes his bike high in the air, doing stunts.


  • Red bull is what he doesn’t like

Point 5-

Red bull gives you wings, but unfortunately our hero with his high and royal taste doesn’t like Red bull.┬áNo wings perhaps then?

  • Flies away with our heart


He already has flown away with our heart so much so that we can’t even think of anything that flies away.

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