Reading is a habit that many people possess. They read and read, and ultimately end up having read so much throughout the years that when asked about their favorite book, the mouth opens, but nothing really comes out of it. It’s like, the brain activity suddenly comes to a stop. A sudden dilemma descends upon the person.
“Was it that kids book filled with crazy adventures? Or was it that crime thriller with a hint of romance? Or perhaps it was the supernatural genre? No, maybe the one filled with cliche romance. But wait… “
And so our dilemma continues.
Every book that we read, leaves an impression upon us. Be it positive or negative, feelings will always be present. And it is due to these feelings that we will never be able to tell, which one is it that we like the best.
Some of you may disagree. But you see, that is what makes everything so interesting. Because, while you say that you have your own personal favorite, you mind will steer you towards another direction. And then it will start again with questions- Is it ‘Harry Potter‘ or is it ‘The Guardian’? Is it ‘Invisible’ or is it ‘Angel Burn’? Is it ‘The Colossus Rises’ or is it ‘When the Wind Blows’? Which one is it, the best book?
Taking time to decide? It’s okay, I understand.

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Tanya Bhatia

Tanya Bhatia (MCM College 36)

Hello everyone my name is Tanya Bhatia and you have just read an article written by me! I absolutely adore reading!; whether it is fanfiction or novels or mangas, I don’t discriminate. My greatest passions are writing and learning new languages.And also listening to music of said languages; whether it is Korean, Tamilian, Spanish, Japanese, English, Chinese, as I said I don’t discriminate.


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