Which gender is more complicated- Male or female?


You all are requested to grab yourself a seat and sit in serenity, without any prejudices and biases. Today, I am going to write on a very sensitive and controversial topic. No, it is not about Radhe maa or Jasleen and Saravjeet. So, the question is that which gender is more complicated- male or female? (I hope you just notice the four letter word before complicated, putting
these two in the same bracket)
Going with the tradition of ladies first. Since time immemorial, women are considered to be the more complicated sex. While in love, they’ll want their crush to approach them but at the same time when he approaches him they’ll end up saying, “You screwed up everything. We’re just friends. All guys are eventually the same.”  (To all guys who are nodding their head in full enthusiasm- tumhara bhi time aega). While going to an event, they’ll take hours to get ready because they don’t have clothes, meanwhile their wardrobe is so much overflowed by clothes that you cannot shut the door. They’ll say they don’t care, but deep inside they’ll expect you to improve. They’ll offer you various alternatives to choose from, but you’ll end up picking the one she wants you to.
But, that’s normal, isn’t it? Girls have a lot more emotions and hormones (and brains) than boys have. They analyze sometimes over-analyze things precisely, just to figure out the repercussions of whatever they are doing. Girls have been prone to pampering ever since their childhood. Not all girls have fashion sense like Victoria’s secret models, they take time to get ready only so that you get the best of her. (If you are expecting her to look like barbies, give her time to become like one). As they say, a little bit of powder, and a little bit of paint makes girl seem what she ain’t. So, they have the right to throw tantrums afterall, generous gestures usually come with some strings attached.

   Now let’s talk about boys, they are equally complicated as the girls are. While in love, they have quite linear thoughts inclined towards certain biological processes (if you know what I mean). They say girls are hypocrites, but they are not very different. Boys tend to hold the belief that flattery can take them anywhere (that is when they say the things they don’t really mean). They try to act the cool-dude every time owing to which it gets difficult for the girls to understand what they want. Boys are just bad at expressing, and good at flattering. (You can never tell what they are thinking) .

    So, I hereby conclude that girls are not more complicated, it’s just that boys don’t have enough brains to deal with them. After all, understanding girls is an oxymoron (even google has no answer to this)

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