Where the mind is not without fear.


As if.. the world went past beside me
And yet I had travelled no forth..
As if.. I was doomed to give up
For every single time I tried to wake up..
They say, I hear, they glorify.. the world where the mind is without fears..
What grief it must bring you to know it only apart us tears..

I saw the world a blooming or so place
And amidst I sat waiting to be recognized as an exceptional being in the space
Alas! Where I lie.. is a question I shan’t raise,
For each step ahead urged each eye upon my status
But as to how I’d like to die would merely mean my soul intact beyond your worldly locus.

Father dear told me I’ve got a lifetime to conquer
And limits were never to become a fear..
But promises I saw fade away, just as my existence from your sphere. Doubt is all that’s left of me, if trusting counts as human or sins?
‘Cause sin I personify every time your ‘strong’ world over me wins..
True..Never would he then had let me fly his hold
Had Father dear, ever known the frailties I supposedly was with born.

No, I don’t question you or any if that is I came to you as audible,
Or not as a mere being in your grasps to be playable..
Stark but sight witnesses my shrieks captured far there in eternity,
As forever I’ve known them only to be unanswered but yes surely pitied.
Until you time and again taught me it’s not what I am but how I am..
That even the Gods they say have done wrong giving freedom to showpieces..
Show if he could to you that sweetheart without me even this world ceases!

Of course, nod my head in consent I learnt, but forgive me it’s this existential crisis of handled as a still-life form that brings me along..
Hear me raise my hands in prayer as I cry, and sigh, and bring my shattered self together..
For I’m equally shocked and grieved to witness your creation dear lord .. Your creation being thrashed down as ‘the condemned other’.

About The Author

Natasha Negi

Natasha Negi (Eng dept, Pu Campus)

Pursuing M.A.(English) from Panjab University. A bibliophile and an avid reader. Believe in instigating humanity and keeping in touch with the downtrodden part of the society. More so love to capture such spontaneity around in negatives and ink. Ear for all kind of music as long as it moves your bones or beats. Full time observer and thinker.


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