World, if ever, had a void to account for, humanity remained the remedy. And so it has ever been seeked to answer the most of the callous acts of the centuries. But what I choose to believe is that while the Generation-X has enough of the humanity to reflect, the hue in which it is accorded has long gone astray.

What people have been reflecting is that humanity is a mere flow of sentiments. Believing that a crime committed was totally unacceptable, protesting against it or burning effigy and showing sentiments is accounted to be humanity. But then even religious groups adopt such unsubstantiated means to acquire prominence for their beliefs and that, to the best of my judgment, is not what humanity stands for.

The words of Bible aver, the essence of BhagvatGita explains that humanity stands to be the reverence for life, as bestowed upon by the Lord Divine. What if the terrorists involved in the 2008 Mumbai terror attack had the understanding of the value of life? No family of 164 souls would have confronted the bereavement. What if the six convicts of the 2012 Delhi gang rape had the sensibility, or to the prior extent, sensitivity to contemplate the degree of ferociousness beforehand? No Nirbhaya would have fought for life. The essence is to accept, respect and protect life that a soul possesses.

Now, the thrust that has driven such a vision is that of the articles that completely exemplify it. Presently, I read about the protest of the ex-servicemen on the failure of the implementation of One Rank One Pension (OROP) scheme that was promised to them by Narender Modi a year ago. Though the actual reason is still kept unsaid, the one indicated to is the dearth of finance to initiate such a scheme. And even if the scheme is initiated, there would be no resource to maintain and take it further. On the other side, what took me to differentiate was the news of the Maharashtra Government all set up to acquire the residence of Dr. B.R Ambedkar in London for an estimate of four million pound, where he is anticipated to have resided while studying in London School Of Economics in 1921-22.

What needs to be contemplated thereof is that in an economy as that of India, the servicemen who rendered their life much more than their service have been left vulnerable whereas the communal sentiments have been successful in extracting such a amount from the central treasury. Clearly, the sentiments have taken precedence over life.

A point that seeks clarity herein is that I stand not against the tribute to the unparallel service of Dr. B.R Ambedkar, he rendered us much of a proud history, but then materialistic possession accounts for no tribute at all. If the service is to be paid back, let it be in the same essence in which it was rendered. He bestowed upon us the idea of the significance of life, whether that of a Dalit or any higher community. Let the counter tribute be that of carrying the legacy forward.

Let the bricks be accorded to the home for homeless rather than a tomb of beliefs that remains a subject to ruination. Let not hollow memories, but a living soul be given precedence, for if and only memories can survive is by multiplying in the blessings of other. Such encompasses the true essence of humanity…


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Saundharaya Khanna (MCM College 36)

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