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What is that which makes a person blind? 

What is that which gives a blind man, support and paves his way?
The answer to both the questions is, Light. 


The light is the food. Sometimes, it is healthy; sometimes, it doesn’t even digest. Then there are times that it just pukes. Perhaps, that is the post-healthy stage of this vision. But whatever be the result, It gets healthy enough to guide us through the darkness.


It can be the one which the world throws at you and you perceive reflections. The other being, which comes from within and you are able to elucidate the facts. How surprising it is, that this illuminating-process starts from the day you’re born, with majority of you not realizing for a major part of your life. But at that time, in that phase your vision is not your guide. In fact, your vision is guided! With a bit more falls and wounds, the vision itself learns to stand on its feet.


The vision of mind and heart, this illumination comes from the core and it speaks to the world. It speaks out mettle, love, hatred, wisdom and every second emotion aloud. What stays as a twin sister of Light is ‘Conscience’! It is almost invisible but most active. It doesn’t need sunshine for itself to shine. Its conscience, the ultimate guide!


The brightness that we call “Light” is not something you can define; for it doesn’t have a specific form in itself. It embrace anything and everything that comes its way. Yes, Darkness too! Might be its best friend perhaps, since it always helps it to enhance its glow. This Light we talk about, is knowledge, it is truth; it attracts as much as it hurts your eye; it doesn’t fail to amaze and doesn’t die.

But did you ever think, Why?

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Roshni Ahuja

Roshni Ahuja (MCM College 36)

20! English honours. Logolept.
Seeks soulful delight in entwining imagination and words. Exhales poetry!  Invests sincere interest in Dramatics. Travel to unravel~


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