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As the sun rises and you open the door, your eyes meet color everywhere. From the roads to the blades of the grass in the lawn across the road, all you see are the hues of the Gulal scattered across the atmosphere. Before you actually adjust your eyes to so much color, SPLASH and you find yourself drenched in a bucketful of colored water. THIS is what we call Holi. It’s that time of the year when all of us, be it the young or old, go officially CRAZY.

There are little kids playing with water guns, while the slightly older ones go all berserk, smearing each other’s faces, arms, and whatever part of the body they can possibly get hold of, with colors of all sorts.
Then there’s the infamous Bhang and all of the dancing that makes the day a heady concoction of happiness.

If you go abroad, the most frequently asked question any Indian will come across from the Goras is what is Holi like? The west is greatly fascinated by the colorful spirit of the festival because never have they seen in their country so much fervor and festivity. 

Festivals like these convey the true spirit of the nation symbolizing the free vibrant and soulful lot that we are. When you look at it with the eyes of a keen observer, this festival teaches you so much.

It is the day when everyone lets their hair down and let’s go, portraying the spirit of freedom.

Holi celebrates the spirit of the eternal love of Radha and Krishna, the divine couple sending out the message of pure love. It also commemorates the burning of Holika, the demoness, who was bestowed with immunity to fire, in the flames and the survival of Prahlad, the pure soul.

The festival of colors tries to imbibe within us the spirit of pure love, of freedom and of happiness.

It calls us to let go of the things that bind us and hold us down. It teaches us to fly like a free bird in the blue skies of life not just on holi, but on every single day in our lives.

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Pavni Gaurangi (MCM College 36)

Earthly and Altruistic , sprinkled with tiny hints of never ending enthusiasm. This author is prone to being gibberish at times yet forces the world to absorb her never ending sagas.


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