When Things Start Getting a Little Heavy


There will always be those times when you might say, “I don’t like my mind right now.” Times when you feel so lost and so burdened that you search for an escape. Time when you need someone or something to be a catharsis for your feelings. (Haven’t we all been to that moment just recently when Chester Bennington committed suicide?) This is the time when the song ‘Heavy by Linkin Park’ will come to your rescue.

“I’m holding on

Why is everything so heavy

holding on 

So much more than I can carry.”

With soulful lyrics, the song urges one to wander around like an aimless peddler upon thoughts like, “Do I feel the same way? Am I not going through the same thing?”

This time Linkin Park has left its own metallic rock style and tried something that was totally unpredictable. The song is nothing like the rest of the Linkin Park cliche. The song is from a pop rock genre, with a bouncy beat.

Linkin Park always experiments, and almost always comes out with flying colours. Hence proved.

This is one of those songs which you put on a loop on your play list and listen to for days, straight. With an emotional, thought-provoking and at the same time totally relatable number, just like their previous hit ‘Numb’, Linkin Park have done it again.

How can someone create such heart-touching songs? (*cries*) 

The child, that stays at the corner of your mind, hidden, comes out to the tune of this song. So fellas! Even if you’re not a Linkin Park fan, do try this song out, because you never know the thing you might fall in love with.



Voice: (Hard to believe, but it’s true)




Be prepared to hold on to this memory of Linkin Park.

You can watch the video here, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lp00DMy3aVw


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