When short-skirts became anti-national for a day!


Damn Indians, back at it with another ban, objectification of normal female body parts and major equality- common sense issues. 

You know what’s unattainable these days? Freedom.
Do you know who a liberal is? An extinct specie. 
Do you have the slightest clue about who will lead to mankind’s doom? We, not Taher Shah.
Do you know who is evolving? Not us. 
*sobs uncontrollably* 
Recent rumours were that Chandigarh Administration wanted to ban short skirts at discotheques (the question is who even wears skirts to clubs anymore? Isn’t that trend so 2008), as they are not only scandalous but also breed anti-national thoughts. Primarily, can lead to sedition. Wow! I had no idea my thunder thighs had so much power. I wish my toned calves could use their political strategy to start an equality based revolution, Alas! 
Though the news came out to be JUST a rumour (merciful heavens abode, they saved themselves from an act of sheer tragedy), the point to consider is that even though it wasn’t true this time, what if in an alter universe, there comes a situation when this not-so-chic idea gets implemented? 
Please don’t get me wrong. Neither do I wear skirts nor do I go clubbing. Skirts are for school going kids (joking). Also my parents won’t let me go clubbing (thug life). But for all my sisters and brothers who like shaking their leg at TWELVE AM and sometimes don’t mind showing universally acknowledged-gender-neutral limbs, I’ll fight for your right, anytime, anywhere. 
I have a dream that one day this country will grow up and live up to the true meaning of democracy and tell mankind to control their urge rather than moral policing one gender. (I am not a misandrist, please get a life) 
You know what’s scandalous, indecent, anti-humanity, anti-religious, anti-national, offensive, sad and scurrilous? The fact that a bunch of people over sexualize normal female anatomy. 
It doesn’t stop here, they also tell them what to wear and what not too. They also have the audacity to body shame, ridicule and label them. Cherry on cake is the fact that if no one listens to their pathetic ideology they enforce it through law. 
Will a 5 year old child wearing a skirt appeal scandalous to you? I hope you answered ‘No’. 
Women can look scandalous in a saree and at the same time, graceful in a bikini. You can’t measure the intensity on any scale. Leave it up to them, let them decide what they want to wear and how they want to carry it. 
Chandigarh is one of the safest city in this country and also has one of the most free spirited, accepting and chill people. I have faith in majority of the population. Seldom do we hear that ‘a slit in her skirt led to the bloody brawl at the club’. 
Banning something so ridiculous and petty in the name of establishing safety or law is a giant hoax. When has ripping the freedom from one section of the society stabilised anything? This entire foundation is hollow and infested. This will lead to nothing but if not unrest. 
Why are we as a nation regressing? What do we want to go back too? Child marriage? It’s not like that problem has been completely tackled, anyway. 
India is the land of kamasutra, we have naked sculptures of women adorning the temples. We have painting, carvings and sculptures of human in compromising positions. If display of that doesn’t offend you then the body of a 25 year old young adult shouldn’t as well. 
Safety of men and women should be your number one priority. Making sure that they can lead their lives without feeling threatened, bullied or shamed should be your agenda. What they are wearing should not even make it to the list. And let me get one thing straight, people can be clad from head to toe in a club and still hold anti-national feelings. The fabric on the body of a female is no way proportional to an anti-national mindset, whom are you kidding. People of Chandigarh are not a fickle minded mob.
Respect us and I am sure everyone will work towards creating a safe and national-sentiment-rich environment. Not like it was a MAJOR problem in this particular CITY before.  
But whilst we are at a banning spree, can we ban the following? 
Lying politicians, crocs and ugg boots,  boys who waste petrol and diesel via random Gehris, people raping other people, stray dogs/animals being beaten up and killed, people moral policing women and their life choices, glitter eyeshadow. Also ban ‘rishtedaars’ from asking 12th board and entrance exam results. Thank you!  (Someone give me an Amen, I am also running for president in America if Bernie Sanders doesn’t win) 
*Major Disclaimer – next week’s Trendy Thursday will talk about how maxi dress is the new clubbing fad*
P.S – I got you my munchkins. Together we will make dhoti-salwar a clubbing favourite. Lungi dance all the way! 
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