When Pakistan Gets Its Funk On: ‘Bholey Bhalay’, Coke Studio


The Coke Studio Appreciation is on fleek in this review, with everyone being in absolute delight to learn that Meesha Shafi, the distinctive voice in Alif Allah (Jugni) is back for this season too, with a genre she isn’t heard singing too often- funk!
The song, ‘Bholey-Bhalay’ begins with a robotic voice chanting the title words, followed by an electric guitar with the energy to zap up an entire room. En route is the pleasant surprise of a harmonium blending with drums. Meesha’s vocals are fresh, rustic and perfect to make the listener travel to a live jamming session in a bar on a Saturday night. The instrumentation blends so well, ensuring that the song doesn’t sound restricted to a particular geographical region. Midway into the song, the harmonium and bass guitar are interrupted by a sitar interjection which gives the song a whole new feel to it.

All throughout, Meesha keeps up the teasing spirit of the song.

The lyrics, in strong regional contrast with the melody, are by Sabir Zafar and the song has been composed by Shani Arshad. Background vocals and a mandolin solo spice up the track even further and the rhythm is maintained all the way to the end.

This may just be the perfect song to keep you company while you cook yourself a Sunday brunch in your pyjamas!


Ratings: 3/5     

Catch the video here at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7w8AR7jnhpc

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