When it hurts, wear it like a past!


Surrounded by darkness, we often are left broken; broken to that an extent that our world just shatters and all we do is watch it fall apart. At that point of time, that is the only choice that one can make, to just WATCH!

It hurts, doesn’t it?

You might as well wonder, on the other side of the door, whether the other person also feels hurt. You must have trusted him/her a lot. Yes, after all that love, you might wonder if she/he feels the same, if she/he thinks of you the same way as you do. You wonder, whether you were the only person thrown into darkness. Surely, you tried so hard. You tried to believe that one person more than anyone else. You threw away everything that you had, for that very one person who meant a lot to you. But the irony of this world is, those you love often fail to realize your value.
It hurts, doesn’t it?

Yes, you have been left alone. You have been so lonely all this time. You have turned your insides out to erase that unbearable pain, that pain which wouldn’t go away even after you cut yourself.

In the meanwhile, that certain ‘someone’ would have already forgotten all those memories that you both cherished. That ‘someone’ must have already just forgotten you. Whereas you, you might just still pray for their happiness.

Maybe, all this time you were the only one to be in love. Face your memories head on. Fight. THAT SOMEONE JUST DIDN’T DESERVE YOU. That person was a learning lesson.

Open your eyes. Its not all about that someone whom you miss, and who didn’t miss you back. Just get over that and throw that trash away from your life. Work it out. IT WONT BE EASY, BUT YOU MUST CONTINUE TO FIGHT.

I know it’s hard. Everybody has had their life hard, in one  way or the other.

Yes, It hurts. It WOULD hurt.

But for this life, lets just forget about revenge and live well. We must live happily. We mustn’t hurt, not our-self nor others. And when somebody hurts us, lets wear it like a past. Because it’s time for us to be happy. Yes, now is our time to be happy.

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Ridha Dhawan (MCM College 36)

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