When Florence and the Machine took ‘Breath of Life ‘

Florence and the Machine is an English Indie Rock band and their single ‘Breath of Life,’ exclusively recorded for the film ‘Snow White and the Huntsmen’ came out in the year 2012. 
It begins with a majestic beating of drums which lead us into the song naturally. Flo’s powerful vocals have something arresting in their essence as she creates a grand carnival of melody and rhythm with her voice. The vibrancy of her voice is augmented by weighty lyrics penned by Isabella Summers.
But what truly walks away with the spotlight, is the choir and set of musicians.Orchestrated by James Newton Howard, the song’s background is heavy, impactful and epic, to say the least. Violins, cellos, resounding drums and a dramatic choir provide a heady mix to the sung. A rush of blood to the head, this one, truly.
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