When exam-sighs knock your door!


Well, most of us grudgingly have to face examinations twice, every year. We are masters in the art of procrastination and a rare few attend their lectures regularly; so well problems are sure to arise.

From things like “the paper was too lengthy” to the rant that “this question was out of syllabus”(you had skipped the chapter okay?) there’s a lot that is said. Sometimes(read as ‘mostly’) it is us who are at fault while sometimes it is our education system that is responsible. Time and again the system is reformed but while one thing changes with time another becomes obsolete. The crux is that despite the endless criticism the student community has to offer, we have no option but to keep up with the system!

All in all, exams are the season of stress, confusion, panicking, messing up and what not. While a few efficiently deal with all the pressure, a vast majority keeps on struggling to keep their equilibrium in place.

It has to be remembered that to keep up, one must keep track of time.

Most of us end up pulling off all nighters a few days before exams and get totally drained out. Red Bull, monster, endless rivers of coffee flowing in bear mugs are some of the student’s exam-time bestfriends. But taking too much of these harms the body in ways irreversible (mind you, your dear coffee does that too as caffine is dangerous). Thus one should stop keeping their procrastination game on point and study regularly instead of jumping from one extreme to another! In case you’re a  regular midnight oil burner, frequent sips of water and a night time bath will work wonders for keeping you awake.

Another major issue is panicking and blanking out right at the point when the crisp white question paper lands with a whiff on your desk. FEAR of certain subjects is the culprit here. While fears differ from student to student, the key is to overcome them by practice. Practice makes a man perfect. It is true, you will have to agree on this one.

Then we come across a few who are ALWAYS unable to complete the paper. The horrific moment of the teacher snatching away the sheet keeps on revisiting their life every semester. This is the most painful part because despite knowing everything you’re unable to put it in ink and voila all the regularity and sincerity comes crashing down to zero.

Suddenly your score stands at par with the person who’s seen in class once in a blue moon. Solution : TIMING! The key to completion is TIMING the paper.Allocate time slots in sync with the question pattern. Go by the watch and never will you not finish a question again!

For some its all roses when they leave the examination hall but it’s a horror movie when they’re asked to have a look at their answer sheet. Silly stupid mistakes feed on major chunks of marks like bloodsucking parasites. Minor by minor mistakes, a lot of marks are cut thanks to the carelessness while attempting. Keeping a quarter for revision will eliminate all such blunders and help you all the way to the top of the list!

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