When Advertisements started giving Social Messages


Kya tumhare toothpaste mein namakhai?
Pehle istemaal karein, phir vishwaas Karein.
Centre Fresh, sirf zubaan pe lagaam lgata hai, haath p enahi.”

Do these catchy lines remind you of something? Childhood? Advertisements?

Yes, we have been watching such ads. from our childhood till today. Watching these sometimes-annoying, sometimes-funny advertisements has too become a bit of a habit in our lives, along with using mobile.

In layman’s language, advertising is an audio or visual form of marketing communication to promote or sell any product, service or idea.

I know how it feels when you are watching the climax of your favorite movie and suddenly an advertisement of Amul Macho: Bade Araam Se, pops out and spoils the entire flow. (Anil Kumar Prakash, too has tried Amul Macho, he might have won the races much earlier and quicker.)

Well, from the craziest of ads, showing aliens getting charged and high on a dairy milk chocolate bar to the ads specifically made for public interest, like that of Aamir Khan breaking gender stereotypes on Star Plus, advertisements are just so vast and require a creative element every time someone thinks of launching a new product. The aim of the designers is to attract the audience, so each advertisement has to be unique and effective enough.

Earlier, things were different where the selling of the product was the objective, be it any way. But slowly this sphere too has evolved as one of the most competitive spheres demanding a lot of creativity, for instance, the tourism ad of Madhya Pradesh, it’s just so amazing. Now talking about the sudden turn of this industry towards promoting of social messages through advertisements, there are a lot of questions that come in my mind. Why was there a need to do this? Are they short of innovative ideas? Were their products not being sold on a good scale? 

Well, most of us don’t give a damn to these advertisements, for they just take a useless amount of our time, that’s a relevant reason. We all find it pointless, useless, unnecessary, annoying and what not. Maybe this is the reason they have chosen to depict social messages, to grab a good amount of our attention. Or as per their observation, are we, the people, swaying away from humanity?

It appears like advertisement has become the new vogue of spreading and supporting social and political beliefs, not just that, these advertisements are very much in line with the new trends, especially the catchy hashtags fever. for example, Vicks Vaporub follows #TouchOfCare, a short story of how a transgender mother brings up an adopted daughterand Surf Excel follows #ReadyForLife, how sharing helps kids to be ready for their life. The most recent one, that of Reebok-Shattering the

#GirlsDon’tFight Stereotypes, promoting Women empowerment. Then another one of ManayavarMohey follows #NaayeRishteNaayeVaade and the list of such advertisements will go on. Companies like Samsung, Idea, Google, Reliance, Airtel etc., have advertisements that’ll touch your hearts. There’s a lot to learn in just a few seconds.

We all are so busy watching our favorite TV shows, serials and movies that we can’t give 2-3 minutes for these wonderful advertisements. People are going nuts while working on them, finding ways and stories to create an exceptionally good ad. You see, creating an advertisement is never as easy as it seems, for TV they only get some seconds and they must make the best use out of it. Why can’t we have a little patience and learn something good in those few minutes? Eventually it’s meant for us. (P.S. If it’s an ad of Cadbury: Five Star or Amul Macho, without a single thought you are free to change the channel).

The point is to wait and watch the meaningful ads. Tata Tea for more than a decade has been quoting “Jaago Re“, ab toh Jaag jao. The makers might have thought of something before making an advertisement, at least acknowledge it. Trust me, sometimes watching 2-3 hours of a movie can’t teach us what an ad of 2-3 minutes can teach.

See, the society keeps evolving and our generation keeps advancing. We all are losing the basic feelings of humanity, the values of living in a society and are becoming nothing but mere robots programmed to achieve certain life goals.

Don’t forget we’re humans, and are full emotions. Let this equation remain so. I think this is exactly why they have added the spice of social messages or lessons to the cuisine of advertisements. It’s okay if earlier you didn’t bother to know much about advertisements, because “Aap toh yeh bh iNahi jaante yeh Top Biscuits, yeh kalonji wala Top spin biscuits aur Mera all-time favourite Cheeselings, sab PARLE bnatahai. India Ka latest bhi, favouritest bhi: PARLE, Naamtohsuna hi hoga. (p.s.- you are free to skip this ad too)

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A great lover of art and poetry. Writing is what I consider a therapy. Colours and alphabets are what attract me the most, I travel too, to find them even at the coast. I see the world in a different way, for imagination sees no night and no day.


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