What’s wrong in being ordinary?

Struggling between two cities or does it strangle you enough to cope with one?
Well, come the new year we all thought of making this semester different, to put in a little more effort and find our purpose, but as the new year vibes died down and college professors burdened your shoulders with research papers and assignments on the very first day, you realised that an extra mile would cost you much more than just a little sleep.
So here we are, one amongst you, trying to find our ways in that noisy city, stuck in the traffic, stuck in the metro, stuck between assignments and weekend plans and looking forward for that tiny little ray of sunshine, assuring ourselves that tomorrow will be different, it has to be, but is it really?
Breaking routines and ‘the usual’ might just turn out easier if you would give it all a break, but damn it the weekend is never enough and the vacay days turn out to be shorter than the shortest days. And you find yourself wishing your life away while wondering about that guy on the first bench, who’s always 15 minutes early with 100% attendance, wondering how does he
do it?
So let me tell you a little secret, that guy on the first bench is you, a little nerdy perhaps, but definitely you, wanting to change his life, to do better, before the cold winds gear up and strangle him.
If you really think about it, there’s something that makes us all alike, the desire for change, for something better, be it the little kid on the streets of Delhi, polishing shoes to shine his own life, or the chilly potato waale bhaiya who keeps singing the 90s songs everytime you pass by the canteen, so why is it that we still keep running? Why do we keep wishing to be someone else, someone who’s better? Why can’t we be enough? Just enough for ourselves?
Aren’t we all awkwardly shaped pieces of the same jigsaw puzzle, that would fit side by side in a struggle to create something worthwhile from what we possess.
Stop letting the smallest of things ruin your day. Do something unexpected and surprise yourself. Stop complaining about how alone you are when you are surrounded by people who actually care about you. Forget all the drama and let go of all the grudges you’ve been holding. Stop wasting time lingering over what you could have, should have, would have done. Stop spending your days thinking about how much better you could do. You act like it’s you against the world but it’s really just you against yourself.
Let it go, because you are resilient in your own ways.
And maybe then you’d realise that your happiness, starts from you, not from your relationships, not with your job, not with your money, but with you. 

About the Author:

 I’m just another nobody amongst the  millions. I’m just another girl with dreams, with    hopes, with the passion to be able to make a difference, tiny as it maybe, if my words can become an antidote, or breath back life in a place gathering empty then I’d say I breath to write. As for the rest, I study political science at the University of Delhi, Lady Shri Ram College for women.

Ishan Khalsa (Lady Shri Ram College, Delhi)


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