What’s for the living?


An ode to a human,

Through eulogies,

Prayers, speeches and strings of adjectives,

that were never heard of while he lived,

That were only talked of after his death.

So much for the dead,

What’s for the living?

“A great soul,

An ever smiling face,

And he cannot be replaced.”

Awarding him with your kind words,

Your tirades of now irrelevant appreciation.

He never heard of it while he lived,

Nobody’s listening now that he is dead.

Which place will you ever seek solace in?

How will you ever carry on with this grievous burden?

Of him not knowing of your love

Or of your endless admiration,

That now you boastfully yell out to the world.

The world that’s even more crushed,

Crushed with unspoken words, undone gestures and weighted tongues,

And which is at even a greater loss of a person,

Who will always be in oblivion of what he meant to it.

The world that believes in lamenting the dead,

And disdains upon the living,

That savage world that celebrates the dead,

And keenly forgets the living.

And so ceaseless regret is your reward,

For living while not appreciating,

For letting live while being not grateful.

Plain thankfulness would have sufficed,

And you shall pay for your hateful choices,

Ranting over celebrating,

Repentance over gratification,

And the dead over the living.

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About the Author:

Nimrat (Dept. of Economics, PU Campus)

(Dept. of Economics, PU Campus)

Honest, lighthearted and compassionate. All about happiness and positivity. Overtly enthusiastic about Bullets, badminton and soulful conversations. Prefers humor over boring.


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