What U.S. Presidency Holds For India?


India and the United States of America have shared a love-hate relationship in the past; but with President Obama’s term coming to an end this January, it is safe to say that the relationship will end on a very loving note. Whoever makes it to the White House next, will be welcomed by India with incredibly high expectations.

The Candidates:

Hillary Clinton: First Lady for eight years, U.S. Senator for another eight, and then the Secretary of State for four, Hillary Clinton can be attributed to be a very polished Politician. Facing the election, as a representative of the Democratic Party, Clinton has had a clean sheet with respect to India and has always maintained a friendly front.

Donald Trump: Primarily a Real Estate mammoth, Donald Trump is also a television producer, and politician who is the Republican Party nominee for President of the United States in the 2016 election. Trump has, however announced his fandom towards India recently at a New Jersey event, saying that India and America will be “Best friends, there won’t be any relationship more important. We will fight radical Islamic terrorism. We will share soldier to soldier with India and sharing intelligence and keeping our people safe, mutually.”

They Come Bearing Gifts:

Hillary Clinton

º        Visas: In January, Hillary Clinton promised to take steps to reduce the backlog of family visas, bringing an end to the never-ending separation between families of prospective U.S. Citizens. She also proposed ‘Start up Visas’ to lure foreign entrepreneurs and launch companies in “technology oriented globally traded sectors” in the US, her manifesto reads.

º        Green Cards with S.T.E.M. Degrees: Clinton promises to literally staple green cards to graduate and doctorate degrees, in the following 4 academic fields- science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. This means that Indian students, pursuing, say a PhD in Applied Mathematics will instantly get permanent residence in America on the completion of their degree.

Donald Trump

º        Pakistan: Trump has called Pakistan “the most dangerous” nation and has addressed the issue of seeking India’s help to counter Pakistan-sponsored terrorism in Jammu and Kashmir. “You have to get India involved… They have their own nukes and have a very powerful army. They (India) seem to be the real check,” Trump said.

º        Investment: Trump aspires to unleash the untapped potential of America by attracting investors. He proposes to reduce corporate taxes to 15% which are currently at around 40%. Indian companies hoping to expand to America can see Trump’s Presidential term as a good time to invest.

But Not All Gifts Are For India

º        Outsourcing: Both Clinton and Trump have chosen to make ‘reviving U.S. manufacturing’ their chief concern. Clinton intends to impose an ‘exit tax’ on firms outsourcing their manufacturing jobs and capital to foreign countries. Like her Republican rival, she could make it more difficult for American companies to accept Prime Minister Modi’s invitation to ‘Make In India.’

However, many economists have recently noted that, India is currently in a very stable position independently, such that the change in presidency will not affect Indian Foreign or Economic Policy very much. The USA acknowledge India as the fastest growing economy especially for the next 3 years, and are thus willing to form tight relations with the nation.

P.S. The Presidential elections are scheduled to take place on 8th November, 2016.

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