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From ‘India ka Tyohar’ to ‘Ek India happy wala’, IPL has come a long way from it’s first season. It’s the time of the year when the ninth edition of the Indian Premier League is on a roll. Something that is going to keep the cricket fans busy for about 2 months. It comes with a whole lot of things that is traditionally not considered under the cricketing bastion. And this season has a lot of things different from the last 8 editions of the IPL.
1) No CSK

Yes even Rajasthan Royals have been banned from IPL for two years but this doesn’t hurt as much as the ban on the Kings of IPL- Chennai Super Kings. No CSK means no Dhoni-Raina partnership, no Ashwin- Jadeja duo bowling together, no Faf du plessis and Macculum hitting sixes together. Alas! Such a loss for cricketing fans.

2) No Harsha Bhogle


The person who paid the price for being a gentleman behind the mic , this IPL isn’t the same without his commentary. He is a big loss for those people who actually follow cricket and know that half the impact of the game is beacause of the commentary.
3) Two new teams

new teams 

The Pune Super Giants and the Gujarat Lions are the two new teams in IPL, ready to replace two of the most prolific teams- the Rajasthan Royals and The Chennai Super Kings. The two new franchises are a treat to watch this IPL but yes again it hurts to see Dhoni and Raina in two different teams.
4) LED stumps


Although it is not as much a tectonic shift as the new franchises, the LED stumps and bails are a novelty in cricket. For those who wanted to see fireworks in the field, this is the closest they would get to witness the feat.
5) Delhi Daredevils winning


Yes, something we have been waiting for in the last seasons of IPL. It just gives you a different kind of happiness to see this team win just because of the person behind their success- Rahul Dravid. Hopefully they carry their winning streak further in the season.

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