What love means to me


I dream of making constellations with stars under the sky,

Ever wondered why?

I want my grandma to recite tales of prince-princesses for me,

Because in them that Mr. Perfect I see!

I wait for the clock to strike 11:11 so I could get ready with another wish,

Since class six I am waiting for the sweet to my dish.

I think, I adore, I feel, I fantasize!

Oh yes the love thick with time I still revise.

In a world full of hook up culture,

I still choose to fairytale my nature!

I still romanticize a honey-eyed charming fellow,

Running towards me wearing my favorite yellow!

I often am referred to, as the cute lover, and again I reply smoothly to this, that honesty is my love’s shower!

That the honesty I love with is cute.

And today also when I sleep, I always have a wish of what dream I want to have this night, an honest love,

And the letters to my guy sent through pigeons and doves.

I believe in magic, I believe in the old school love,

I know my destiny will take me above.

I will be there for my guy and he will be there with me,

We will share everything together, including our morning tea.

We will fulfill promises that we made,

We will be there for each other, to provide our aid.

We will trust each other,

And will get bothered,

If someone tried to hurt one of us,

Our problems will be shared, they will be discussed.

We will promise a love to last till our breaths will,

Our trust, our passion and our care for each other will be the only pill.

Image Source : Shubhi Gunwal, Delhi University


Vanshika Taank – Gargi College,DU


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