What It Takes To Be Miss/Mrs. in Saudi Arabia?


I have heard about the achievements of Kalpana Chawla, Sunita Williams, Mother Teresa, Hilary Clinton, Oprah Winfey, Rihanna and many others who have proved themselves. Today in the 21st century, women have proved their potential to be equal to men; or I would put them quite above men. In every field of the world, be it cricket, food, architecture, cars and what not, women are competing neck to neck with the men folk of the world. But even in this century driven by education, self-respect and technology, the world has still not accepted women to be equal to men.  Though we celebrate Mothers’ Day, Women’s Day, Daughters’ Day with high spirits, the shocking fact is that till last week women in Saudi Arabia were not allowed to get a driving license, they were not allowed to drive a vehicle on their own.

Quite an amazing fact, right? In this article, I will try to highlight some of the major things that women in Saudi are not allowed to do till date.

  • Cant apply for passports, without the permission of a male guardians – In the world of airplanes, ships and cruises, an astonishing fact is that a Saudi women has to seek permission from a male to obtain a passport, or to travel the world
  • Talking to males is an offence– Yes, you read it right. If Saudi women interact with males outside their immediate families, they can be jailed for such an act. The world lays emphasis on socializing, but a woman can be jailed for the same in Saudi.
  • No restaurant of her choice. – In a world of varied tastes and flavors, a Saudi woman can enjoy her meal in only those restaurants which have a special family section. They are not allowed to have a fine dine with the others.
  • No fair law for females– The common saying “law is equal for all“ fails in Saudi Arabia. The testimony of one male, equals to two women. Women hence enjoy little authority of their own life.
  • Abaya is must.- While a woman’s beauty is generally appreciated, women in Saudi are forced to do everything that hides their beauty. Abaya, the cloak, is must for a woman whenever she steps out in the market.
  • Even a bank account needs permission– We all rely on banking and online transfer of funds today, but women in Saudi Arabia can’t make any type of investment without the permission of male members
  • No freedom for toys- Yes, you read it right, even toys are considered immoral due to their revealing clothes. The dream of having a Barbie Doll set, still remains a dream in itself.

All these facts sent a cold shiver down my spine. Though mankind has evolved over time, the state of women in many regions is the same as that in medieval times.   

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Aditya Sharma (GGDSD College 32)

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