What Is Your Belief?


I have often been interrogated about my belief and faith. I wonder if I have any. Introspection brings me to another question, “What draws a path for me and keeps me going?”

Humans are conditioned to define their belief as God or religion from the second they are born. It is shown in our ability to pray unconsciously in tough situations. We may not have special learnings of “how and why” of God but most of us call it our belief. However, this article is not about validating the existence of God. It is more of an appeal to have belief and faith in a power that pushes us forward. It could be destiny, God, soul, nature, etc., what fits your experiences. 

Personally, I have known people who have a blind faith in God and some who believe in Him and call it a race of blindfolded people the next second. Similarly, people tall about destiny but fail to recognize it when inconvenient. Therefore, blind faith is more dangerous than faithlessness.

Let me put forward examples: there’s someone quite close to me who believes that whatever happens is God’s greater plan, yet eliminates this force of conviction when it’s taking too long for things to suit their needs or preferences. Then there’s someone who is ambiguous about their belief but the presence of “some power” keeps them upright. You see, it is not blind faith/belief that sets an honest course for us, rather it’s earnestly and unconditionally believing in it.

There are some who worship nature and find solace there and some who worship destiny and believe in the plans of universe. However, this should not stop one’s movement in the reality of creations. We can decide our path and walk on it freely only if we carry the will in our minds, hearts and souls. It is not pre-decided nor is it engraved on our palms. Even if it is, nowhere does it say that it cannot be changed.

Hence, work on yourself and your environment. Everything is fixable. Do not accept the date in the hands of God, destiny, nature or whatever you believe in. It is your hard work and the will to strive that paves a path in order for you to succeed and maintain peace within. 

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Venus Sachdeva (DAV College 10)


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