Webster’s dictionary defines ‘Happiness’ as ‘the state of well-being and satisfaction’. Every human being struggles in life to achieve this one word. But the question is, do we need to struggle afterall?


This particular definition which seems to be too general and comprehensive, also it has different interpretations and versions by different set of people. Some people believe that happiness exists wherever there is money. Others disagree, maintaining the view that the supreme and ultimate source of happiness lies in the prosperity and glory of one’s country where the citizen can live happily and freely. A third group of people hold the view that true happiness lies in the acquirement of knowledge, high diplomas and social positions. As for me, I believe that true happiness exists in the power of extracting it from common things.


The other day I saw an amazing movie called “Pursuit of Happiness” The heart wrenching movie narrates the story of a man who struggles to build a living for himself when his girlfriend walks out and has his small son to raise, all by himself. Evicted from his apartment, the man and his son sleep on benches and even behind locked doors of public washrooms. One thing that never changed throughout the journey of the movie was , HIS UNENDING SMILE,  with his blossoming nature and positive state of mind, he lands into an unpaid internship and eventually lands a job which saves them from drowning into poverty.


It shows us how one doesn’t need a reason to be happy. I believe happiness is created by will rather than destiny. The biggest reason behind us being unhappy is, we derive no satisfaction from our anything we do. Our expectations rise with accomplishments whereas satisfaction puts an end to that very moment. We just need to realize that the ultimate goal in life is being happy and keeping others happy. Everything else falls in place. You don’t need to spend a billion dollars to make you happy. You don’t need gold medals and certificates to make you happy!


Take out time for those things in life which actually give you joy. Getting wet in the rain, walking barefoot on the grass, playing with a new-born baby, holding his tiny hands or cooking for your mother!

Get up and Get Happiness!

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Devika Abrol

Devika Abrol (MCM College 36)


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