t has never happened that a movie lover family like mine wouldn’t want to go to watch a movie. The trailer of ‘Welcome Back’ was a downer and when our relatives forced its tickets on us, nobody wanted to go. Three of us mustered up some courage to go thinking how bad can a film get? Welcome Back showed us how bad a movie could get.

The original movie, Welcome was a light hearted comedy which we developed liking for in the past few years. When we heard there’s going to be a sequel we were more than excited to see Uday Shetty and Majnu (played by Nana Patekar and Anil Kapoor respectively) back on screen with the evergreen sarcastic comedian Paresh Rawal as Doctor Ghungroo. These hilarious characters were ruined by John Abraham in the lead and complete lack of humour and dearth of good puns.

One can’t blame John but the director to imagine him pulling off such a role. Our suave handsome hulk was made to shake a leg and utter dialogues which don’t go with his image at all. Talent like Naseerudin Shah and Shruti Hassan were wasted and the senseless (and way too many) songs irritated almost everyone present in the hall.

We somehow loved the storyline similar to the previous movie with a huge twist but could’ve been better with some punches.

One scene which actually made us laugh was the antakshari at the shamshaan ghat. But then, you can’t spend bucks just for that scene.

If you have nothing to do and need a reason to be angry and irritated, you’re welcome to the theater showcasing the movie which has earned good money.


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