Week long NSS Camp: Service, Trekking and Candle march against terrorism


The NSS wing of Post Graduate Government College and NGO Salam Zindagi have come together for a 7 day camp for the NSS and NGO members which was inaugurated today at Post Graduate Government College, Sector 11.
The principal of the college along with the CEO of the NGO Amarinder Singh,and NSS head Rakesh Thakur lit up the lamp to proceed with the camp.

The principal also gave a tremendous speech over how helping others change our perspectives of life and how great it feels. She gladly said announced that the camp is not just a one week affair, in fact the lesson it will teach shall stay for a lifetime.
This camp is not just going to be an experience but will also be spreading messages amongst the city and its students. It also includes a trekking camp of 8kms where the message of cleanliness would be spread, and a candle march against terrorism.
This camp also looks forward to helping the needy with the cooperation of Salam Zindagi.

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Anshika Sharma (PGGC 11)

Anshika Sharma (PGGC 11)


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