Wedding Bells


It was November Noon
When she first met her Groom

She saw him Head to Toe
And blushed with a Glow

The Twain
Nurtured in a similar Frame
Exchanged Glances
Didn’t want to miss any Chances

Families Met
Hitched ,you Bet

She sneaked a Chance
Her Mom-in-Law, she Glanced

As the Day Advanced
His Eyes Tranced

It was time to Announce
Their Ecstasy knew no Bounds

She was Overwhelmed with Joy
Tears left her Eyes Twice this Day

when She left her mother’s womb
Years Ago,
Announcing her arrival in the pink room

And Today,
when She has found her Groom

Her Birthday Present She Bloomed.

About The Poet


Suhani Bhasin (UIET, PU Campus)

Suhani Bhasin is an Engineering student from UIET, who is enchanted by the wizarding world of Harry Potter. She loves reading and writing poetry while sipping a good cup of coffee.


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