We Are PUNJABIS & We Keep Calm As Well


Here’s a kickstart- introducing myself as a ‘Proud Punjabi by blood’ my fellows would know what I mean here. What I have to say about us, is going to be a little surprising and funny to you.

So, being a curious person, once I took a keen interest in finding out what Google offers to ones who search for the word ‘Punjabis’. The results were no surprise to me, particularly those related to ‘bhangra people’, or the list of heavy food that Punjabis usually include in their meals. It’s all true, of course, but we are not just about bhangra or the food – we are so much more.

Here I am starting with the most known quality, or should I say a myth people hold – “Punjabis are only loud”. Have you ever seen a Punjabi in a gurduwara or other religious places where silence must be maintained, speaking in a voice that could only be heard by a person behind them? We respect and love silence just like anyone else would. On the other hand, I assure you, you can never find one of us quiet in any club or party, or at any big fat Punjabi styled wedding. Just because of the simple reason that we love to make people feel alive and make them laugh till their eyes tear up. This is probably why the two most famous Punjabi guys to ever exist are named ‘SANTA and BANTA’. 

Moving on to another myth, “Punjabi is just another name for someone who flaunts.” Yes, we do love to show the things we have earned from our hard-earned money, but it is not quite our intention to show off and pull another person down. We never want to hurt anyone even in our sickest dreams. Another misconception that many people hold, is not knowing the difference between Sardaars and Punjabis, which I want to clarify. Every Sardaar could be a Punjabi in one or another, but not every Punjabi is a Sardaar. Although we all agree that turbans on Punjabi guys spices up their personality.

We love Honey Singh, Badshah, Bohemia and other hardcore Punjabi singers not just because they use luxurious assets in their music videos, but because they just bring out the party animal within all of us. We also love classical singers like Jagjeet Singh or the legendary Qawali singer Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan with all of our heart.

Moving on to main concern of our janta – “How can Punjabis eat so much fried and heavy food all the time?” Yes, we do love aloo puri for our Sunday breakfast and sarso da saag on any other day, but hey! We do not keep eating such heavy meals throughout the day. Many of us are so diet conscious that we hardly get to relish the proper Punjabi tadka. Lastly yet importantly “Punjabis are just about alcohol along with a plate of chicken tangri.” I agree many movies have showed only a minor side of us, but many of us are pure vegetarians and have never even tried alcohol.

I hope whatever you read till here helped you get to know more about a Punjabi. We all just got to agree that everybody is just so fond of our presence, right?

About the Author:

Kareena Mehan

I introduce to you myself, as Kareena- not Kapoor, but Mehan- a writer by choice and of course by a little talent, I guess. By occupation, I am a student of GGDSD College, Chandigarh pursuing BA 2nd year. Luckily, being a Gemini, which is a two-faced personality, you may term me as an introvert along with an extrovert.



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