Ways to Bridge the Gap Between Real You& Virtual You


Did you just see the number of likes on her picture.

Most of us have a presence on almost every social media platform. Be it Instagram, Snapchat or Facebook. There is absolutely nothing wrong with that but things become problematic when we want all our emotions to be validated instantly. Every like or comment becomes our instant ego booster. We tend to believe in the inflated image that is created by us. But let’s get this straight for once and all, that is not the real you. And moreover, why is it necessary to be happy and alive all the time. Why do we need to be popular among all.
Nobody is perfect, each one of us have our own struggles.
So, let’s discuss how this gap between the real and virtual you can be bridged:
1. Make it difficult for you to log into your social media profiles.
Accessing your instagram or whatsapp every few minutes should be checked. I know it’s not easy. But there are certain apps for this purpose too. These apps won’t let you log into your account for a certain duration of time. Also, it takes 21 days to form a habit. So, once you take it seriously, you will feel the difference. The social detoxification will calm the restlessness inside you for sure.
2. Don’t go after the popular.
Trends come and go. There are profiles and feeds which will make you feel like why aren’t you having all the fun and appreciation. But let me tell you, quite a times it’s not what you see. Things are very different when you meet these people in real. And, there is no need to have certain number of likes to feel good about yourself. It’s good only if you believe in it. Don’t get stuck in the instant happiness. Remember everything beautiful is worth your patience.
3. Limit your sharing.
As much as you all like it, but sharing every aspect of your life makes you vulnerable. Your social media status need not  justify your emotions. But for all those who think, that people who reply to your sad stories care about you and others don’t. You are living in your own delusional world. It’s sad but true. Your low feeling needs no-one’s validation. You need no sympathies. Because this is not at all a way to get out of the low feeling.
4. No need to peep into others life.
Human beings are naturally curious and social media feeds the habit. Curb your curiosity about the lives of others. It will just make you restless and feed your brain with unnecessary information. Obviously, you can’t be Sherlock but try to stay away from all this as much as you can. Try to indulge in creative profiles and pages, those help nourishing your skills as well.
5. Take breaks.
As our mind and body needs sleep after work. So does your social media. Just leave everything for a day or two every few days. This will help you regain your energy and improve your concentration.
These aren’t things that you don’t know, just try to implement and work on them. 

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Ankita Kukar (PGGCG 11)


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