‘Walk of hope’ brought peace in MCM

Photography by Guneet Kaur (MCM College 36)
“If a hundred people could do the work, that he did hundred years ago; if he could walk with no different religion or caste, as a human as any other is, with humanity, then the world would be a better place.”
These words by the speaker of the day, Sri M, a spiritual guide and a social reformer, got engraved in the hearts of the huge gathering in general and Department of Sociology in specific during a lecture on ‘Walk of Hope for Peace and Harmony’ organized in MCM on March 18th, 2016.
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A movement called ‘Walk of Hope’ is an effort of Sri M, who started his journey from Kanyakumari on 12th January, 2015, and aims to complete it by reaching Kashmir on foot.
The lecture was full of inspiration and started with playing of a video recording of his journey so far. The video showed a clip of each place that he has visited during this endeavor and the reason of undertaking such a task. He referred to all those who accomplished great deal by walking on foot to greater distances. The intention of the walk, he said, is to spread understanding of humanity.
This was followed by his lecture, which largely was spiritual and humane at the same time. Sri M said proudly, “My passport says that I’m an Indian”, following it with the idea of how unity is something not new to the nation we live in!
Condemning the changed attitude of Indians and how it has affected the human relations in the present times, he focused to bring back humanity by bringing down our egos and walking together, without any consideration of any caste, religion, language or class.
The entire lecture was quite engaging. Surely, Sri M left the audience in as much a hope as he himself keeps in him for this world.
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