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On his recent visit to Shimla the vice president of India faced a very necessary yet rarely asked question from one of the students of his alma mater. The young lad asked MR. Ansari that why does a fleet of thirty cars follow him on his visit to any part of the city? This left the former Indian ambassador to Australia red faced, but he did answer the question in a very diplomatic way saying he would raise the question among his colleagues.

The first citizen of Indian and the vice president both visited the hill station back to back and the state emergency services faced a very tough and hectic schedule. The fleet of cars along with them followed, some filled up with doctors and some were filled up by bureaucrats. To get a little inside I talked to someone who was on the emergency medical staff of the vice president, on enquiring I was informed that he sat all day in a car along with the blood bag of the same blood group as Mr. Hamid but the fun fact being that if god forbid that blood was to be used it would have instantly killed the person reason being it was not cross matched. So what is the point of such a team being with him which has no use there?

Besides the medical staff the IPS and IAS officers followed the visitors wherever they went, this seemed very strange because common people stand in lines for their work to be done which sometimes just requires a signature of these IAS officers, and they were busy running around someone who was there for a vacation. Though, on the last day of the president’s visit many bureaucrats skipped the dinner at his residence maybe realising the worthlessness.

I agree that the president and the vice president are very important figures and I just don’t want to point on these two alone all the other ministers, officers, minister’s kin and all such people use security and enjoy the vip culture. While there are three policemen standing to protect one officer or minister there is just one for every 700 commoner. Funny, how the people who elect the minsters for their own betterment face problems and the elected ones enjoy.

Yes, it is important that the ministers stay safe or it will bring embarrassment to the nation but shouldn’t we note that when a representative starts to cause trouble to the ones who choose him, it is the time to question the authority of that representative. Long traffic jams, long bills on the already debt ridden states and high petroleum costs are all that result due to such vip treatments.

Some say that once elected they would end this vip culture and by saying so they fool the people very easily. An interesting story here is of Delhi CM Arvind kejriwal, the former IAS swore to end the vip culture in Delhi when he was elected as the CM for the second time after quitting the first time. Yes, he doesn’t travel in those fleet of cars but in march when he entered Bengaluru he fled two toll plazas, later saying the people there didn’t take the toll tax as he was the sitting CM. A cleanly told lie as Arvind kejriwal is the cm of Delhi and has no jurisdiction in Bengaluru. One more incident such happened when in just 50 days of being  elected the AAP launched the anti corruption helpline in some stadium in New Delhi where the AAP misters had their cars parked in VIP and VVIP parking lots.

What I suggest is that a PM, President, Vice president, Judges of SC and HC should have a security staff but not some useless fleet of cars carrying people who have no task to be done. The rest of the ministers are important too but they are the ones in real who cause the main problems for people, these ministers should be given security to some level but they should not be the ones who cause traffic to stop until they pass a certain street.  Even the People who are appointed to go with the ministers face problems. Earlier it was a “qafila” or “kafila” that moved with the Kings and now the same tradition in just a modern way is followed.


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