Vision’s Vision!


There she sat amidst the forest, sitting on the pile of twigs, wondering about the life of the trees! She thought, “How can they be so different from each other when they are born from the same soil?” She wished she could be that tall, tall as the tree!

People called her ‘Vision’, a little bunch of joy. She was a blissful sight to everyone – a child feigning enthusiasm and eagerness. Whenever her mother asked about her future, Vision had already envisioned about a beautiful day for herself! Life for her, was just to make the present day beautiful. She envisaged a day full of laughter and expedition in the company of her friend, ‘Happiness’. Vision did not want a big house but a small one with a little garden, blossoming with colored flowers; she did not talk about being beautiful or slim or sexy or rich or even brainy. All she wanted was mumma’s smiles and papa’s pride.

Vision wanted to impersonate her mothers’ values. Her biological mother was called ‘Nature’ by her neighbors. Nature was always engrossed in the welfare of others. Therefore Nature’s best friend ‘Knowledge’ had adopted Vision as she was mesmerized by her innocence and subtle perceptions. Thus, Vision was born by one but brought up by three.

Vision never saw her father but had a vision of his work. Everybody around her said that he was a great man. Vision’s friend ‘Happiness’ told her once that he was a man of steel, valour, passion, tenderness, love, compassion, empathy, sympathy, glory, justice and what not. His work was a laborious one. He guided the ignorant, protected the vulnerable, loved the loner, emancipated the poor and upheld a peril. Outside her house the name plate read Soul’s residence. ‘Knowledge’ told her that her father’s name was ‘God’ and he was the keeper of everyone’s soul. Vision always liked to hear his name. She smiled at its utterance as she deemed it to be so different, so unique and so magnificent.

The kennel of values was deep rooted in her through her parents. Vision was everyone’s favorite, fostered by ‘Nature’, she appreciated the beauty in everything; and looked after by ‘Knowledge’, she learned to learn. But Vision was growing and her horizon of thoughts was broadening. She made many new friends in college and left behind the old ones- ‘Happiness’, ‘Positivity’ and ‘Glow’. They called her for hangouts and texted her on her birthday but she stopped acknowledging them. She had a new friend and his name was ‘Fear’. Everybody in college said ‘Fear’ and ‘Vision’ were in love as  they were never apart. Fear rode on Vision’s back. Such was the situation.

Happiness mailed a long text to Vision one day, that read,

” Dear Vision, I know we don’t talk now but deep inside you, I know you still feel I’m your best friend. I am writing this mail because I overheard a gossip about Fear and You in the college. People said that you have fallen in love with fear. ‘Negativity’ came to my place to return some notes and told me all about it, but I still smiled at her and she ran away. While running off she told me that ‘Fear’ and his best friends, ‘Stress’, ‘Dissatisfaction’ and ‘Over-thinking’ are planning to bring ‘Tension’ to your place for a night out. Tension has a very unpleasant reputation in the college and ‘Miss Certain’ told me that Tension was ‘Depression’s daughter’ Do not walk into their trap Vision. Your grandmom ‘Life’ will not live to hear that you even talk to that unhappy family. Your moms are worried for you and they do not seem well. Call me soon and miss you.

Yours Happiness.’

Vision’s intellect was blurred by her ever nagging new best friends. They made her ignore her beautiful friends and perhaps she stopped seeing beauty around and finding joy in little nuances. She ignored her mothers, she lost touch with the smile she would have, when she saw a little bud of flower and bees buzzing around it. She never allowed her second mother to even enter her room. All she cared for was material. Now, she did not long to see her father. Gone were the days when she would sit on the mountain top and observe the setting sun, changing hues in sky and the softness of wind to feel the presence of his father around her. The wonder, desperation and eagerness got lost in the mist of ignorance.

Vision married Fear and they bore a child, named ‘Uncertain’. Their friends would regularly visit them and create ruckus in the house. They had an unquiet home. She never contacted her parents. She was ignorant of Nature’s and Knowledge’s death a long time ago. She was disowned by her father and the invisible veil of blessing which loomed over her vanished away. Soon Vision parted away with ‘Life’ too, with Uncertainty in her laps, her last words affirming, ‘Embrace the Right, my child!’

Well, we all have a vision today- a way to perceive our surroundings. The vision to see beautiful things around, to find happiness in every little nuances of life, to live a satisfied life is sometimes blinded by some dreadful emotions, even Fear. We’re grouped by them in a way that we fail to see the certainties lying before us. As a child, playing in the laps of nature, being guided by the light of knowledge and under the clear blessings of God we are far way from these emotions. So let us,

Embrace the Light,

Pamper the Nature,

Acknowledge the Knowledge and,

Believe in God!

About The Author

Gauri Bhardwaj

Gauri Bhardwaj (MCM College 36)

According to me, a person without the hunger for knowledge requires to have a new birth. I simply believe in four beautiful words, ‘Humility’, ‘Positivity’, ‘Passion’ and ‘Knowledge’.


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