Vimarsh 2018, Day One: Conquered even the rain!


Vimarsh an event by PUCSC along with department of Economics is all set to provide you a journey of 3 days filled with fun games, dance, music and a bucket of memories. The fest was inaugurated by DSW Sir along with lighting of the lamp. President of Student Council, Jashan Kamboj presented a floral welcome toDSW Sir. Right after a warm opening ceremony, the literary events at the law auditorium started. Chocolates were distributed to the winners.

Day one of the fest had a place for each category of talent, be it off-stage or on-stage events. There were competitions of poster making, Rangoli making, Quiz etc. under the literary and art events. Along with those were events like tug of war, lemon spoon race, three-legged race and many others under the sports category, organized at UBS ground. Adding some fun colours to Vimarsh, there were fun events like flip the bottle, balloon dance, paper dance etc. at the Student Centre.

Poster making remained one of the highlights of the Art events. “Art speaks where words are unable to explain.” This was depicted through the amazing posters with themes by the participants. The parameters for judging posters were the uniqueness, clarity and colour contrast.

Coming to the fun events, it was noted that the event might not have continued because of the unexpected rain but the organizers kept their spirits high. Despite the dispersal of the crowd, the show was put up again and the crowd resumed with same zeal. Paper dancing was an event which captured the crowd’s attention. Here teams of two participants competed against each other. It was the time when the excitement level of the crowd increased with decreasing size of the paper with every fold. Song-dedication and random confessions also remained the highlights of the event. An aura of fun was created because of sports, fun and literary events.

Commenting on the event an attendee Vidya said, “The volunteers here were super excited. The paper dance amongst all the activities was the best which enthralled the audience. Overall, it was an excellent event. “

“I wish I had come earlier. Now I regretcoming late and could guess what I missed, because the events which I was fortunate enough to see were next level and mind blowing” said Shagun, an attendee.

In a nutshell, Day one was a blockbuster. 

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