‘Vault-7’: Rise of A New Edward Snowden


Ever wondered how vulnerable you would feel if anyone could read your WhatsApp messages without your consent? How would you feel if anyone could listen to your conversation throughout the day without you even knowing about it? Well the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) has been doing the same since 2001. Yes, it has no jurisdiction to intercept the personal profile in India, but well the CIA has been doing it all across the world.

WikiLeaks, the whistle blower website which is known for its leaks of the Afghanistan war and more recently for the Podesta E-mails, released a series of documents on Tuesday, March 7th, 2017. The series of documents released is called the ‘Vault 7’ and contains 8700+ documents.

The claim is that, CIA has been building a fleet of hackers since 2001 who are trained enough to use your phone, computer or even your smart TV to spy on you. The documents originate from CIA’s Center for Cyber Intelligence in Langley, Virginia, from where it did rounds among government hacker and fell in the hands of WikiLeaks.

The source of the release has not been identified and it has been claimed that the source of the leak wants to initiate a debate over the powers of the CIA presently.

Apple’s IOS, Android OS and even Microsoft phones can be easily accessed by the CIA from anywhere, going by it. Apple has started an investigation into the breach and has said that it is already working on the mentioned vulnerabilities.

The documents claim that CIA is capable of hacking into any electronic device and can even lay tracks for someone else to be blamed for the hack. This makes the DNC hack look like a mere joke.

With CIA gaining so much control over the cyberwarfare, the world has been questioning what all the CIA has been up to? CIA has access to 85% of mobile phone devices across the world, if the documents released stand true. In a statement given by CIA they have neither denied nor confirmed the authenticity of the release.

The release is far bigger that the Edward Snowden release which revealed the NSA’s hacking potential and plans.

The dump of documents is just the ‘tip of the iceberg’ as per WikiLeaks. The documents given out right now contain just 1% of the total ‘Vault7’ released as YEAR ZERO. Assange, the founder of WikiLeaks, who is currently living in the Ecuadorian embassy said the release does not include the cyber weapons that are yet to be disarmed and those will be released as soon as WikiLeaks finds a method to upload them without any harm.

The CIA was dubbed as a dangerous organisation by John F Kennedy. The former president said in a statement just a year before his assassination that “I will splinter the CIA into a thousand pieces and scatter it into the wind”, which is the password for ‘Vault 7’.

Was Kennedy true in his observation, 54 years ago before he was killed?

A list of various programmes has been identified in the list that gives us a detailed idea of the operations of the CIA. The Engineering Development Group has more than 500 different projects. Umbrage, one of the project is the CIA’s remote Devices branch, which allows it to even misdirect by leaving tracks of the groups. These tracks are fingerprints that are stolen from other states. Other programmes include HIVE, Fine Dining and Improvise.

The US consulate in Frankfurt has also come under attack after the release. The documents showed that apart from Langley the CIA even uses the US consulate in Frankfurt to extract its plans for the Middle East, Europe and even Africa. The German authorities say they will investigate the matter.

With the cyberwar programmes leaked, CIA is under a greater threat of covering up their tracks. Is the world a safer place to live or is CIA the true threat? Where the conspiracy theories that claimed CIA to be behind a few terrorist attacks true? It is all to think about now.

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